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Virginia Clemm

Nice Portrait of Virginia


Musical Notes

A woman with grace and talent in music...

Come Rest in this Bosom

-this is considered to be Poe's favorite song according to his old sweetheart Marie Devereaux.  It's a very sad song and no wonder Poe would have liked it.

Rumor has it that Virginia was said to be singing it at the piano the evening she died in Poe's arms!

Nobody Coming to Marry Me

-Poe's mother was rumored to have sung this song on stage and brought the house down.  This is an upbeat, funny song and no wonder Poe got a sense of humor from his mother!

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Edgar Allan Poe married his cousin, Virginia Clemm when she was only 13-years-old on May 16, 1836. Poe's aunt, Maria Clemm the mother of Virginia was always looking after Poe and Virginia. In January 1842, while singing at the piano, in the house at Fairmount, she broke a blood vessel.

Virgina died of tuberculosis on January 30, 1847.

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