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Edgar Allan Poe's Ultimate Song List Poe's Ultimate Song List

OK...  if you know of any songs that mention Poe in a significant way or his works, email your factoids to the House of Usher and they will be added to create a big list of Poe-related songs.  Da House will even add your name if you like.  Email the House of Usher! SCHNELL!!! VITE!!!  PRONTO!!!  ;-)

Last songs update: January 04, 2010

Sorted by Artist/Project Name Description
Aaronson, Jack A musical based on the life of E.A. Poe
Alkinoos, Ioannidis The greek artist has a song named Edgar Allan Poe on his 2000 album "Ektos Topou Ke Hronou."
Allan Parsons Project Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe (there seems to be no dedicated good site for this one).

Eric Woolfson's new concept album: Poe - More Tales of Mystery and Imagination

The Alan Parsons project piece "The Fall of the House of Usher, from Tales of Mystery...." actually uses (without attribution-but outside of copyright considerations) Claude Debussy's musical fragment "Fall of the House of Usher," almost note for note.    - Fred Williams

Antony and the Johnsons A band called (I think) Antony and the Johnsons have recorded a Poe poem, about the moon on the lake (I think).
Arcturus Album: La masquerade infernale (theatrical avantgarde) Track: Alone
The poem "Alone" lyrically builds the like-named song "Alone" from the album
- Jeroen Delaere
Argento, Dominck OPERA:  The Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe (1975-76)
Bartley, George Christmas with Edgar Allan Poe  (a CD of Christmas music)
Beatles,  the "I am the Walrus" mentions the famous line "Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe."  Not sure what John Lennon was on when he came up with that! hehe   Of course Poe was one of the featured lonely hearts persons on the Sgt. Pepper's.
Charles Jason Bechtold Bechtold's works consist mostly of secular choral songs that sore with beautiful, memorable melodic lines and that display a grand sense of emotional character.  He has done a choral (SATB) version of Annabel Lee.
Biaz, Joan She did a version of Annabel Lee.  Arranged and conducted by Peter Schickele(Album re-released later with changes; retains this song.)

Black Moments
KLAUS KÖNIG (based on poems by Edgar Allan Poe)
Buckley, Jeff Ulalume
Bussy (a band from France) Poe-based material.
Capelletti, Daniel The Metzengerstein Sonata for Piano, in 3 parts: Maléfices, Tapisseries, and Ultime Chevauchée (1976).

Daniel Capelletti, is a Belgian contemporary composer born in 1958 in Luxembourg. Some people see him as a New Consonant Composer, others not. He obtained First Prizes for piano with Eduardo del Pueyo and in harmony, chamber music, musical theory, counterpoint and fugue at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Three of his compositions were chosen as compulsory works for the International Music Competition Queen Elisabeth.
He is now professor of composition at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.
"Metzengerstein" is a descriptive work based on Poe's story.

- Frank Messely
The Masque of the Red Death, "conte fantastique" inspired by Poe's tale "The Masque of the Red Death." An elegantly chilling composition for harp and strings first published in 1924 by this underrated and innovative composer.
Closed on Account of Rabies An eclectic mix of actors and musicians (1988)
Collins, Judy Has a song called "Annabel Lee."  - Rjac
Coppelius  A German band called "Coppelius" does their own take on Murders in the Rue Morgue  (Youtube)  - franzi
Creature Feature Has a song called "Buried Alive."
Crimson Glory
The song "Masque  of the Red Death" off Album Transcendence (1988)
The Cruxshadows Poe's Spirits of the Dead was quoted in "Sympathy (for Tomorrow)" by The Cruxshadows in their album Mystery of the Whisper.

Debussy, Claude Unfinished "La chute de la maison Usher"  (The House of Usher)

Completed version of Debussy's work                  


Devil Doll Album: Dies Irae (theatrical avantgarde classical soundtrack-like instant classic)
Devil Doll's music has always embraced poems, philosophy, art, horror,...
Some of the lyrical content of the album is based upon "The conqueror worm"
- Jeroen Delaere
Diorama A big fragment of the Tell-Tale Heart starts Diorama's second album Her Liquid Arms..
Edgar Allan Poe Music Mike Tusay's Edgar Allan Poe music!  The man rocks the night à la Poe!
Edgar Allan Poe's Predicament A grand lady has encountered a tremendous clock, and her time has almost run out!  NPR Radio Tales   (1999)
Farmer, Mylène A French singer Recorded a song called "Allan" way back in 1988 (to be found on her album "Ainsi soit-je..."), which is dedicated to the works of Edgar A. Poe and to his novel "Ligeia".  The site is in German
Finch One song called: The Casket Of Roderick Usher  (youtube - just the song) and Reduced to Teeth (Berenice).
Five Iron Frenzy  (FIF) There's this one song called "This is How the Story Ends.". Part of it has the first and the 4th or 5th line together, and this other part has stuff from the next stanza (from The Raven).

-Paul Nicosia

Foster, Stephen Hello, Usherites--

Have always thought that Stephen Foster's "Gentle Annie" was a paraphrase and resetting of "Annabel Lee." I know Poe would have loved it.

Links to an upbeat version of this rather morose tune and Stephen Foster's lyrics can be found at

Possibly a more sentimental, nineteenth-century version of the tune could be found somewhere on the web. Foster wrote many songs about the longing for the lost beloved woman prized by Poe as the best possible theme for beautiful poetry. Hope you will agree on the strong parallel of Foster's song to Poe's famous poem.

Mary Frances Fahey
Frankenstein Files The Frankenstein Files album cover


Halloween music  (The Black Cat, Some Words with a Mummy)

Gallagher, Jered The musician, Jered Gallagher, released the CD "Outis" in 2009 where the words from eight of Poe's poems are sung over eight of Beethoven's works arranged and performed with modern instruments. The result sounds like contemporary rock.
Gidley, Johnny The Songs of Edgar Allan Poe.  (9 songs put to Poe's works)
Glass, Philip House of Usher opera

American poster


A Descent into the Maelstrom, by Philip Glass. A musical dance/theatre piece, originally commissioned by the Australian Dance Theatre for the Adelaide Festival of the Arts, 1986.

Glass Prism Poe Through the Glass Prism

Poe through the Glass Prism

The Raven (RealAudio)  Leave Comments

Official web site

GOAD an Italian band's Tribute to E.A. Poe
Good Charlotte Their new album The Young and the Hopeless have a song called Bloody Valentine which was inspired by the short story 'The Tell-Tale Heart'… - Jamie
Goth Poe Tribute Songs of Terror  Release date: August 21st, 2001 on Cleopatra Records.

Grave Digger

They produced an entire album is dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe's work called The Grave Digger. 

Songs: Black Cat, Haunted Palace, King Pest, Raven
Lyrics to songs / Clips on


Green Carnation Alone (YouTube) from the album "Acoustic Verses."    Q.S.
Green Day American Idiot  2004.   In the song St. Jimmy, they mention Edgar Allan Poe.  Quote:  I am the son of a b%tch and Edgar Allan Poe
Greenland, Phill
Angelica,  Ethan
Edgar: a New Chamber Musical
Grye, Stephen Five American Portraits for Five Wind Instruments  - See # 5:  Edgar Allan Poe
Guenther, Caroline Dreams  (by Caroline Guenther)

The whole focus of the song is on dreams, and there’s a reference to Poe and his “A Dream Within A Dream” somewhere in the middle.
Hammill, Peter House of Usher Opera  
Holbrooke, Joseph The Raven, Op. 25
One of the many pieces by this British composer inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe.
Hour Glass There was a rock group in the late 60s or early 70s called Hour Glass. They performed a song based using the lyrics of The Bells.
Thomas Hainze
I Am Ghost Lady Madeline In Her Coffin (youtube video)
Insane Clown Posse ("ICP") Ol' Evil Eye
Iron Maiden:   From the album Killers:   A song called Murders in the Rue Morgue.

Herr K "Histories"


A group of international artists from different countries have contributed to a project of soundtracks to the works of Edgar Allan Poe.  All full MP3s are free for download.

Jay Logan Lance  

I have a song for you related to Poe; it is a song I wrote in 1989 for a girlfriend of mine whose mom and dad gave the clever name of Kristen Lenore (her middle name). Being a Literature major at the time, heavily into Poe, and being an aspiring folk artist, I put her life into my song, “For Kristen.” Her mother was an alcoholic, and the world of Poe matched her world very well. I never mention Poe in the song, but anyone who knows Poe at all will quickly note the allusions to his work.  The song is available on iTunes as well.


Key Poulan Music
Key Poulan Music: Marching Band Arrangements - Original Compositions
Koshkin, Nikita L'oeuvre de Poe a insipré une valse à Nikita Koshkin : Usher Waltz (Op. 29).

Cette valse mériterait d'être citée sur votre site. C'est en recherchant des détails sur cette musique que j'ai découvert votre site.

Leloup, Jean Québec singer who wrote a song called "Edgar".  The song figures on "Le Dome" album and is definitely based on the life of the American poet.   Here's a short translation of what it says (under "signification"):   A song about how drugs and alcohol modify the perception through the life of E.A. Poe. "I don't want my life to end that way."   Submitted by Christian Robitaille.
Levy, Frank Ezra
Four Songs for Voice and Guitar on poems by EA Poe by composer Frank Ezra Levy. The work was composed for the duo, Duo Cantiga featuring soprano Katherine Harris and guitarist Christopher Kenniff.
Lindisfarne In Lady Eleanor, I think there's a line about Usher.
Lord Buckley A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat:   does a 1950s hip beatnik version of the Raven
Masochistic Religion An investigation of Masochistic Religion's site may prove of interest to you. They have song versions, or rather recitations with musical accompaniment of sorts, of The Raven and Conqueror Worm.
mc lars
Mr raven is based on The Raven poem i think, its pretty good...
charli x
Metal Church Song called "Of Unsound Mind" from the album: Blessing in Disguise (1989)
(a "Tell-tale heart" take-off)
Mr.Bungle A song called Carry Stress In The Jaw which is all about teeth and nightmares.  In the middle part of it, there's an extract from Poe's Berenice.  Discovolante (1995, Warner Records)
Mythos (Electronic Music) - suggested by Mats Ekblom
Entitled one of its songs "Rue morgue disciples" (on the album "the divine art of torture").
Nevermore Hello there! I have a contribution for the list of Poe-related music; the band Nevermore derive their name from The Raven, and in the song This Godless Endeavor from the album of the same name the lyrics contain the line: 'When I heard a sound come rapping, tapping on my door', which is of course again a reference to The Raven. Hope this is of use/interest! (Tom Carter)
Nicks, Stevie She has an unreleased song called Annabel Lee which is just the poem set to music. It was made for her 2001 album Trouble in Shangri-La, but not included on it. Fans of Stevie have traded and shared the song.
Nox Arcana Once Upon A Midnight Dreary...

Nox Arcana announces the release of "Shadow of the Raven," a musical tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. The cd delves deep into the haunted realms of the literary master of the macabre with 21 tracks that weave a lush tapestry of Victorian elegance and Gothic nightmares. Nox Arcana invites listeners to explore the shadows of a dark soundscape filled with ghostly melodies, mournful dirges, eerie sound effects and ominous orchestrations. The cd also contains a 12-page booklet filled with original artwork from gothic fantasy artist Joseph Vargo, depicting Poe's classic works in lavish detail, in addition to a hidden "gold bug" riddle.

Nox Arcana creates haunting, gothic- themed soundscapes with strong literary influences. Their past cds, "Necronomicon" and "Transylvania" were based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and Bram Stoker, respectively. Their "Winter¹s Knight" cd hit #8 on Billboard¹s holiday music charts this past year.

For music samples, legends and more, please visit Nox Arcana:
Ochs, Phil The Bells, by Phil Ochs and sung here by Shawn Phillips.

30 seconds of Phil Ochs singing this song

Omnia A Dutch band that sings some songs in English.  You can hear their song The Raven on their MySpace site.  Vala.
Pettalom  Name of song: Berenice
Album: The Wine of the night
- Gaby Briones
Poe song writing contest A contest in France (open to the world) where you submit MP3s of your original music set to Poe's works in either English or French.   Contest runs until October 7, 2009
Rachmaninov The Bells, for choir and orchestra.
Radio Birdman From Australia, they play DESCENT INTO THE MAELSTRÖM
Radio Futura A group from Spain did a neat version of Annabel Lee in Spanish
Rammstein Stein um Stein
Rasputina Their song entitled "Our Lies" with lyrics "When I was a little girl, we grew wings and flew under the sea to see my daddy, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe." Pretty schizo song.   (Alex)
Reed, Lou The Raven :  Lou Reed  (NPR)

Indeed,  Lou Reed has contributed to the "Poe genre" but linking to his "contributions" is a very dodgy ever-changing prospect on the web.  If you find a good stable link for me,  please send it.   Hopefully, not just amazon!

the saw had eyes that sea
        (Paul Zink)

my darling virginia (myspace) 


Schmitt, Florent The Haunted Palace, for orchestra (classical music)
Shirley, Nathan The composer and pianist, Nathan Shirley wrote a song for soprano and piano, with text by E. A. Poe.  
Shkola Tanzev

A Ukrainian group that recently recorded the song "Dream" based on the lyrics of Edgar Allan Poe's poem Dream within a dream

Slobodna Europa
A Slovak punk`n`roll band has got a song called "Havran", which literally means a raven and is based upon- and now guess!  Poe`s poem The Raven. I hope I helped you at least a little bit:)  Bye! Martin
Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows  "Did a good songs called Alone, Sleeper and Eldorado
Spelany, Jan In the Czech Republic, a well known musician Jan Spaleny has recorded an album called Raven - there are lyrics in Czech language (translation by poet Viteslav Nezval) and very interesting music (by Jan Spaleny)   Submitted by Veronika Zýková
Symphony X The Progressive Metal band Symphony X has a song on their album "The Odyssey" entitled "King of Terrors" which is based solely on Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum" -- Joel
Tiger Army Hey,  the song Annabel Lee by Tiger Army certainly has some Edgar Allan Poe themes throughout.   Submitted by James. 
Tribe An old Boston band that released an album called Sleeper in 1992 on Warner Brothers.   There was a song called Romeo Poe
Tourniquet The Christian band Tourniquet tells the story of the Tell-Tale Heart in their appropriately named song: "The Tell-Tale Heart." (from Crawl to China album) It's a good song too! 
Tristania Album:  Widow's Weeds
Song: My Lost Lenore
- Gaby Briones
Utada Hikaru Japanese pop star has a song called Kremlin Dusk from her album Exodus that mentions Poe.
Van Der Graaf Generator A song called 'When She Comes' in which they describe a gothic siren-like woman as 'like something out of Edgar Allan Poe'. The band's front man is Peter Hammill of 'Fall of the House of Usher' opera fame. His entire writing style is clearly influenced by Poe and I'm sure there are other references from his work I've not yet picked up on. -- Carol
Voltaire  One song on his 2002 album was called Graveyard Picnic. It talked about having a picnic on Poe's grave and mentioned many of Poe's poems throughout the song.
Woolfson, Eric Eric Woolfson's new concept album: Poe - More Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe

Winn, Casey Winn tackles the Usher legend through music, elegantly bringing new life into the classic gothic tale with his symphonic poem of The Fall of the House of Usher.

Yunyu, a singer songwriter living in Australia who has written a song that is a reply to Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.  Check it out the video here.

Any more?   Email Usher SCHNELL!!! VITE!!!  PRONTO!!!  ;-)



Come Rest in this Bosom

This is considered to be Poe's favorite song according to his former sweetheart, Marie Devereaux.  It's an old sad song by Thomas Moore and no wonder Poe would have liked it.


Nobody Coming to Marry Me

Poe's momPoe's mother was rumored to have sung this song on the stage in Boston and brought the house down.  This is an upbeat, funny song and no wonder Poe got a sense of humor from his mother!




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