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Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Death and Dementia Fall 2009

Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Death and Dementia


Gabe Copp
VE Publishing Group


Edgar Allan Poe und König Ludwig II: Anatomie einer Geistesfreundschaft

Edgar Allan Poe und König Ludwig II: Anatomie einer Geistesfreundschaft

December 2008

Edgar Allan Poe und König Ludwig II: Anatomie einer Geistesfreundschaft

Do you know that the world-famous King Ludwig II. of Bavaria (the crazy king) who built the castle of Neuschwanstein was one of Poe´s biggest fans? He wanted to give up his throne in exchange for a meeting with Poe. The king´s artistic imagination was strongly influenced by Poe´s ideas. These are througly covered in the book by Alfons Schweiggert.


The Journal of Julius Rodman


March 30, 2008

The Journal of Julius Rodman

Pushkin Press presents the first mainstream edition of 'The Journal of Julius Rodman' by Edgar Allan Poe published in its beautiful signature classic format, illustrated with photographs by Edward S Curtis.

About the book:
'The Journal of Julius Rodman' is a fictionalised account of the first travels across the Western Wilderness, over the barrier of the Rocky Mountains. This extraordinary journal details events of the most surprising nature, and recounts "the unparalleled vicissitudes and adventures experienced by a handful of men in a country which, until then, had never been explored by 'civilised man'."  The first six installments of this novel were published in the Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine in 1839-40, when the author was a contributing editor of the journal. When Poe left his job in June 1840, he refused to continue the novel. Extracts of Poe’s work infamously appeared in 1839 Congress papers citing his account of the first passage across the Rockies by ‘civilised man’ as authentic. Proving to be one of Poe’s more elaborate hoaxes, this reaction illuminates the extent to which his literary realism and acute attention to detail strikes a convincing background to the hero’s travels.

Not Quite Dead


November 2007

In 1849, in an eerie Baltimore hospital, a man lies dying...or does he? The man is Edgar Allan Poe, who fakes his own death in order to escape the Irish Mob. Meanwhile, the English novelist Charles Dickens finds that his reading tour of America isn't as warmly received as he'd hoped. Soon he finds himself sharing disreputable quarters -- and swapping story ideas -- with none other than Edgar Allan Poe.

From the author of the acclaimed historical thriller White Stone Day comes another brilliantly inventive tale in which crime and literature intersect in surprising ways.

JOHN MACLACHLAN GRAY is a writer, composer, and playwright whose work has received the Governor General's Medal and the Los Angeles Critics Circle Award. He lives in Vancouver.

Not Quite Dead Book Launch - November 29

John MacLachlan Gray’s stage musicals include Billy Bishop Goes to War (Governor-General’s Medal; produced on Broadway); Rock and Roll (made into a feature-length video entitled The King of Friday Night, 4 international awards), 18 Wheels; Don Messer's Jubilee; Health; Amelia, and The Tree, The Tower, The Flood.

National (Beale) Treasure At Red Knee by Kenneth Andrew Bauman

October 2007

National (Beale) Treasure At Red Knee
by Kenneth Andrew Bauman

"In National (Beale) Treasure…At Red Knee, Kenneth Andrew Bauman leads his readers on a “history highway,” leading to a suspected national treasure hidden originally by Captain John MacPherson and Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
“Literary steganography,” or secret writing, is introduced through an
involved research project that identifies a hidden Edgar Allan Poe missive and solution to two mysteries: the Beale Papers treasure location (not in the Virginia hills) and the suggestion that Francis Bacon authored the sonnets attributed to Shakespeare, as they contain hidden “literary steganography” narrative.

Kenneth Andrew Bauman’s National (Beale) Treasure…At Red Knee contains exhaustive research on the complexity of cryptograms / steganograms and reveals explosive historical national secrets that, deemed credible, will turn history around. The poetry contained in National (Beale) Treasure…At Red Knee will soothe the mind.

"National (Beale) Treasure....At Red Knee" solves the Beale Papers mystery which was a suspected production by E.A. Poe. The book also identifies an American National Treasure and who might have had a hand in Poe's murder.

"Leaves of Lavendered Lily" is another book by the same author about secret writing in "The Gold Bug" by Edgar Allan Poe.

Both books can be ordered (when available) by or by calling 1-800-834-1803.


A Prophet's Burden : The Raven Returns

March 2007

A Prophet's Burden : The Raven Returns
by Ryan Tilley

"A Prophet's Burden: The Raven Returns" is a 211 page paperback which features a prequel and a sequel to "The Raven," a 1000 line poem, humorous poems, and children's poems. Most of the work is written in rhyme; some in double rhyme (multiple syllables simultaneously rhyming). If you are a Poe fan, like satire, or love rhyme, then this is the book for you! Now available at and

  October 2006

The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl

The Pale Blue Eye



May 2006

The Pale Blue Eye
by Louis Bayard

From the critically acclaimed author of Mr. Timothy comes an ingenious tale of murder and revenge, featuring a retired New York City detective and a young cadet named Edgar Allan Poe.

At West Point Academy in 1830, the calm of an October evening is shattered by the discovery of a young cadet's body swinging from a rope just off the parade grounds. An apparent suicide is not unheard of in a harsh regimen like West Point's, but the next morning, an even greater horror comes to light. Someone has stolen into the room where the body lay and removed the heart...


Poe's Lighthouse

Cemetery Dance Publications

February 2006

Poe's Lighthouse
edited by Christopher Conlon

New stories by Edgar Allan Poe?

Impossible, you say?

Not at all. Admittedly, Mr. Poe is in no condition to be writing much these days—which is why in this anthology he’s getting a little help from his friends. Friends like Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Carole Nelson Douglas. John Shirley. Mike Resnick. Some two dozen in all.

These writers were given a task: to take a little-known, unfinished story fragment which Poe wrote near the end of his life and turn it into a complete story—in any way they wished. The only rule was that they use Poe’s language, his images, his ideas—that they truly work together with the master.

Today’s best authors. Joining forces with Edgar Allan Poe himself.

Raven - a poem by Edgar Allan Poe illustrated by Bill Fountain

Level Ground Productions


October/November 2005: Raven - a poem by Edgar Allan Poe illustrated by Bill Fountain

"Imagine Tim Burton as a cartoonist and you'll have some idea of the delight to be found in this illustrated take on Poe's famous poem. Bill Fountain brings a slightly twisted, but completely charming worldview to his drawings that's both droll and moving." ~Award Winning Fantasy Author Charles de Lint.



For Edgar - by Sheldon Rusch

penguin group (usa)

August 2005: For Edgar (by Sheldon Rusch)

"...some day Rusch may be handed an Edgar of his own..."  From Publishers Weekly

A killer inspired by a master of the macabre. A detective tracking the tell-tales signs of his crimes. A mystery that binds them in an ingenious nightmare.

The crime scene: a human skull impaled on a tree, trailing a colored ribbon. The twist was the gold-painted scarab. Special Agent Elizabeth Taylor Hewitt recognizes the tableau-only the first in a series of slayings honoring the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, and committed by a madman known only as The Raven.

A brilliant tale of modern-day detection-and a case that echoes one of literature's darkest imaginations.



May 2005: Speakeasy Comics will release "Ravenous" by Dawn Brown.

May 2005: Speakeasy Comics has released "Ravenous"
by Dawn Brown. Inspired by the classic works of Edgar Allan Poe, writer, artist and creator Dawn Brown presents "Ravenous" -- a new work that draws from the master while offering a startling new mystery of its own. "Ravenous" is a fully illustrated 100 pages of suspense and mystery.





Poe - James M. Hutchisson

For more information contact Clifton Prince, 601.432.6205.

Read more about the book.


New biography reclaims Poe as a premiere innovator
in American letters

Poe (University Press of Mississippi) reclaims the Baltimore and Virginia writer's reputation and power, retracing Poe's life and career. Biographer and critic James M. Hutchisson captures the boisterous worlds of literary New York and Philadelphia in the 1800s to understand why Poe wrote the way he did and why his achievement was so important to American literature. The biography presents a critical overview of Poe's major works and his main themes, techniques, and imaginative preoccupations.

This portrait of the writer emphasizes Poe's southern identity; his existence as a workaday journalist in the burgeoning magazine era; his authority as a literary critic and cultural arbiter; his courtly demeanor and sense of social propriety; his advocacy of women writers; his adaptation of art forms as diverse as the so-called "gutter press" and the haunting rhythms of African American spirituals; his borrowing of imagery from such popular social movements as temperance and freemasonry; and his far-reaching, posthumous influence.

James M. Hutchisson, Charleston, South Carolina, is a professor of American literature and southern studies at The Citadel.



February 2005:  Biting Dog Press has released The Raven in a handmade letterpress edition limited to 65 copies.  Illustrations are woodcut engravings by George Walker.

Biting Dog Press releases George Walker's illustrated The Raven

"Walker's artistic gift of capturing Poe's The Raven is brilliantly saturnine!"  Quoth the House of Usher.





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