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Cindy Carmen's Poe Cottage Gallery (May 27, 2006)

There are three rooms downstairs: the kitchen, sitting room, and Virginia's Mother's Room which later became Virginia's room also the room where she died. There's an extremely steep and twisted staircase that was challenging to climb. Upstairs are two rooms: Poe and Virginia's original bedroom and the room where Poe wrote Annabel Lee, Eureka, The Bells, and Ulalume!!!

I was so excited to be in Poe's actual house! It was the highlight of my trip to NYC. If and when I do go back maybe next spring I will definitely be there when they open and have another nice long visit!!! I will bring a camcorder that actually works next time!!! There's a 20-25 minute video that you can watch in Poe and Virginia's bedroom upstairs. It's a biography probably made in the early 1980, and features a reading of Annabel Lee. I think you can buy copies of the video in the gift shop but I don't remember seeing it there and I forgot to ask about it!!    Cindy!