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Cognac, Roses, and Graveyards...

That's no oridinary gravedigger, it's the mysterous visitor!

Source: Life, Jul 90, Vol. 13 Issue 9.

An obscure (but actual) photo of the mysterious visitor who has been leaving a half a bottle of cognac and roses on Poe's grave since 1949. Poe's grave is located in the 200 year-old cemetery on the corner of Fayette and Greene in West Baltimore.

Speculations Anyone?

  • a distant relative of Poe's?
  • an aficionado of Poe's stories?
  • a member of a secret literary society fulfilling an initiation rite?
  • a college student playing an annual prank?
  • read about Qrisse's adventure to find out the facts  (he went all the way from Sweden to do it!)

A former groundskeeper had more than once appropriated the cognac as his breath betrayed himself!

Suggested by: James K. Reap

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