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(C.) August(e Dupin) Trometer's Explanation

Before his death, Poe was found incoherent and possibly inebriated in a tavern. His clothes were disheveled and ill-fitting, obviously not the clothes of the man who was obsessed with his public image and always maintained his clothing. On his death bed, he was babbling and, again, incoherent, calling out the name of what most people think was Reynolds. Unfortunately, Poe only knew one Reynolds, and only barely, and there seems no reason why he would call out this name. Shortly before dying, he did collect himself enough to say that the best thing a friend could do for me is blow out my brains with a pistol.

Poe's last words before departing forever (of course the jury is still out on that!) hehe:

Lord help my poor soul.

(C.) August(e Dupin) Trometer

I have no current email, but I thought you'd like to know these factoids
and add them to your pages.  (Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Dupin!  pf)

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